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Hey! Here I am making my splash (pun intended) into this place!  As you’ll see, one of my passions is carp fishing.  When I’m not studying or working, (and sometimes when I’m skipping class) you’ll find me out on the lake, rod and reel in hand, trying to snag some carp.  (I hope Dr. Reed isn’t checking out this site! 😉 )

So if you want to know about carp fishing, you’ve come to the right place.  Check out the articles here if you’re a total beginner and I’ll help you get up to speed.
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Here’s a great article to get you beginners started:

Carp Fishing Tackle – What Everyone Needs To Know

Written By Benson Hodges

New fishing enthusiasts can get very stressed out when it comes to picking out their carp fishing tackle, especially if they do not know some of the basics of this gear. This can include such things as standard characteristics. There are a few very important factors that everyone should know which can affect the performance of your tackle. Such factors may include the action of the rod, the rod’s lifting power and the test curve of the rod.

Test Curve of your Carp Fishing Tackle Rod There is a certain amount of weight that is necessary to make the end of your rod bend to the butt end at 90 degrees. This tells you the firmness of your rod. You will need 10 pounds or more of pressure for your carp fishing tackle’s rod test curve if the carp weighs between 3 to 10 pounds. You might break the rod off if you are using a rod that has a lower test curve then that of the weight of the carp.

Carp Fishing Tackle’s Rod Action When you talk about the bend ability of your rod, you are talking about the action of the rod. You will have a fast action to your rod if the bend is at the top 1/3 of the rod. If your rod is prone to bending at the very top then the action i said to be at a medium pace. Lastly, if your rob tends to bend near the bottom part then the action is said to be slow.

Performance of your Carp Fishing Tackle The lifting power and the strength of your rod is what determines the performance of your carp fishing tackle. The strength of your line must absolutely be proportional with the lifting power of your rod. You will find that if you have a light line coupled with heavy lifting power, you may end up with a broken rod just as if the line is on the heavy side and your lifting power is more light. The amount of lifting power you have will depend on the water you are fishing in. If you are fishing in turbid water then you will need to go with a rod that has a high lifting power. You will need to go with a lifting power that is low if you are fishing in clear water.

Carp Fishing Tackle and the best types Bait If you have the right boilies to use when fishing for carp, you will find that you can add to the feeding responses of the fish.

Tuna Boilie 1. In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients: 500 grams (18 ounces)of finely ground barramundi pellets or trout pellets, 125 to 150 grams corn meal, and 125 to 150 grams approx of fine semolina. 2. In another container, mix the following ingredients: 6 large eggs, 8 – 10 liter Solar Squid and Octopus Koi Rearer flavor, 4 or 5 desert spoons of tuna oil, and 1 – 2ml Solar Liquid Candy sweetener. 3. Mix the 2 mixture and make the balls. (around 150mm in diameter). 4. Boil the balls for three minutes. 5. Dry on paper towels and let it call for a few minutes.

Savory Chicken Boilies 1.Mix all these dry ingredients in a large container: 300g poultry protein meal, 150g corn flour and 50g bread flour. Add few drops of dark food color. 2. Beat 4 large eggs and add it to the mixture. You can add some liquid sweetener. 3. Roll into logs and divide into the size you want your boilie to be. Roll into a ball. 4. Place the balls in boiling water until they float. Let them dry on towel papers. 5. Store in the refrigerator.

Having the best carp fishing tackle and knowing some basic angler tips can help you when fishing for carp. Be sure to take along your home-made boilies so you can keep those carp biting for hours on end.

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